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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Character stills from Flames of Ambition

Yoo Seung-ho has certainly grown up — or at least his image has — for his latest role. He plays husband to Seo Woo in the upcoming MBC weekend drama Flames of Ambition, which used to be called A Woman Only Loves Once In Her Life. In a nutshell, the drama explores the themes of greed, power, and ambition in one family, though we could have figured from the title.
You can’t talk about the pairing of the young couple without taking note of the ages (and age gap) of the stars; Yoo Seung-ho just turned 17, still a minor, while Seo Woo, despite her young face, is 25. Seo Woo plays an actress who has simultaneously the most anti-fans and the most die-hard fans, who’s on the fast track to success. Yoo plays the son to Jo Min-ki and is described as a warm, good-hearted guy.

But the main star of the show is Shin Eun-kyung (love her!), last seen in White Lie, who plays an ambitious woman who’s capable of doing “whatever it takes” to get what she wants. Described as a chameleon, the character can run both hot and cold depending on what she wants at the moment, making her a force to be reckoned with. I don’t doubt she can pull it off; already she looks like a different person in the stills below — I didn’t even recognize her at first glance as the same actress from Mom’s Dead Upset, Bad Couple, and My Wife Is a Gangster.

Other cast members include Lee Soon-jae, Kim Byung-ki, and Lee Hyo-choon. Flames of Ambition will premiere on October 2.