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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Costume Institution Met Gala 2011

Just about every famous face you can think on put on their most dramatic frocks all in aid of the annual fashion event of the year - the Costume Institution Met Gala, held in New York.

This is the chance for us to sort the successful Fl@unters from the fashion failures as we explore who matched the high fashion criteria this year. Let's get going... 


Jennifer Lopez This look shows Fl@unt appeal to the maximum. Fl@unt is blown away by how gorgeous JLo looks adorned in a radiant combination of strong pink and red - colours we don't often see her in. The red lips enhance the already vibrant colours and the flower shrug elevates the dress into high fashion mode.

Lucy Liu The feather bustier teamed with sheer skirt fits the fashion forward dress code perfectly and the black colour only adds more amazing dramatic effect.

Diane Kruger Absolutely stunning in this look, Diane shows she ain't afraid to show some leg - who said high fashion can't be sexy?

Christina Ricci It's understandable why some may dislike this dress, however Fl@unt believes Christina hits the mark exactly here as she follows the dramatic dress code fashionably well. The Gala is about dressing up, breaking through the boundaries of fashion - where else would Christina get a chance to adorn this look? One of her best looks to date.


Rihanna A vision particularly from the back, this lacy reveal is sexy and suggestive and yet the floor length of the gown adds a touch of demure along with the chandelier earrings and vamp red lipstick.

Mary-Kate Olsen An example of bohemian-style on the red carpet, the movement of this dress brings a different look to the event and the clashing combination of red with green cuffs and neckline successfully sets the look off.

Solange Knowles 'Modern tribal' describes the look Solange has been sporting of late and this dress is no exception. She lets her natural hair free raising the look further.

Miranda Kerr A playful angelic beauty in this tutu dress - one of the few raised hemlines sported at the event this year.

Fergie She looks like a princess, or a bride even, ready to be married. This intricately designed dress with lace and beaded detail is heavenly and Fergie makes sure her accessories and make up are applied to match.


Taylor Swift This dress probably looked better on the catwalk, but here the skirt just hangs off Taylor losing shape and the inclusion of black netting and underskirt looks random. Not working.

Beyonce She likes her fishtail skirts doesn't she? While B looks nice, we've seen this look too many times before. It's just predictable which is not what this event is about - try harder next time Ms Knowles.

Keri Hilson Whatever happened to Keri Hilson's style? She used to rock it at public events and now it seems she has lost her fashion mojo. The dress could have worked better if she hadn't matched her make up so identically.

Demi Moore Too many black feathers and no structure or direction. She looks like a lost crow - someone please send her back to her nest.