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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures (Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid) 3 May 2011

The match couldn't be more ridiculous for Real Madrid players, as they forcedly to be thrown away from Champions League Final, again, from a terribly unfair judgement from the ref.

The match could've ended differently if only Gonzalo's goal wasn't get disallowed by the ref. The goal was very clean. Ronaldo passed the ball to Higuain, who dribbled the ball straight to the goal post and score. But just when Ronaldo made a passed at him, Pique tried to stop Ronaldo by pushing him, that caused Ronaldo to fell to the ground. When he fell, his foot touched Macherano, who ran infront of him(to guard him), and Macherano also fell to the ground. It was purely accident. Ronaldo has no intention to fouled on Macherano. It was more like Pique has the intention to foul on him.
But then again, the ref canceled the goal, and called on Ronaldo made foul on Macherano.

A fan of Barca threw him a traditional hat from Catalan

Apparently, Barcelona couldn't win the match by playing fairly, and without the help of the ref, they wouldn't even enter the semi-finals. Another disgracefull incident from the competition.
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