Wednesday, May 4, 2011


What an amazing and surreal day yesterday was...After I found out the results of the MANGO competition, I felt as if a big rock was lifted off my shoulders, I felt as if I was living in a surreal world for a a bit and the news kinda hasn't sunk in yet, I guess its normal, this is a BIG deal for me!

I quickly got in the shower and got dressed, I find it hard to choose what to wear these days, sometimes we are blessed with 23 degrees, sometimes like yesterday, we are left with below 14 degrees and choosing what to wear in this vulnerable weather is becoming a bit difficult and confusing.
I decided to pull out the very first thing I saw, or more like the second (my first option was my green vintage blazer, remember it?), but one of my new American College varsity jackets was sitting there, kinda in front of me and I have to confess, I am becoming a HUGE fan of the varsity jackets.
Of course I wanted to give it my own touch and last time, I wore the black and white with my maxi skirt, but this time, I decided to style it a bit differently and wore one of the most special pair of shoes I own, why? Because its a special day/week/month! and it calls to wear my special shoes... Me? MANGO's new It Girl? Somebody pinch me so I can realize I am not dreaming!