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Thursday, May 5, 2011

FUG TAG // Hilary Swank in Michael Kors

Kittens, that “Something Borrowed” movie, like 99% of rom coms, looks like crap, but we just can’t stop talking about what everyone wore to the premiere.
Hilary Swank attends the premiere of “Something Borrowed”  in Hollywood in Michael Kors.
Michael Kors Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Olga Sherer

Time for us to put our money where our mouths are.
Hunh. How about that? Turns out some idioms sound really stupid when you try and convert them to first-person plural. Anyway, we’ve always maintained that there is no event where a woman is absolutely required to wear a dress. Granted, the more formal the event, the harder it is to pull off an appropriate look sans skirt, but a film premiere is a perfect place to bust out of the mold a bit. Frankly, we’re surprised more actresses don’t go to this well more often. Considering all the exhausting preparation for these public appearances, we’d have thought a lot of gals would jump at the chance to skip shaving their legs.
We’ll admit, our first impulse was to say that she looked a little dressed down. That wasn’t due to the pants alone; it had more to do with the pants coupled with the crew neck, not to mention our own preconceptions. But really, can anyone say she looks bad here? Her body is SLAMMIN’ and she can totally rock a look like this, which can be pretty unforgiving, what with the tightness and the high waist and the lack of color.
BUT, we have to find SOMETHING to critique or what’s a T Lo for? First: She recreated the runway look down to the shoes. We don’t like the shoes. We think something a little pointier and more fabulous would have dressed this up. See, that’s the thing with wearing pants to a formal event: a gal’s got to put the work in on the styling so the outfit reads as formal. That means the accessorizing, as well as the hair and makeup, are key. So yeah, a slightly more fabulous sandal would have dressed this up. We also think the casual hair is okay, but not the best choice. A tight, sleek ponytail with some killer earrings would have helped. Also – and this is really nitpicky but so what – fire-engine red toenail polish always reads to us as either a little tacky in the floozy sort of way or a little “mature.” Granted, the silver platforms aren’t helping in that regard.
All right, precious unborn fawns, you have your points. Make the call.
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