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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recommended Watch: Remember Me

Fl@unt may be abit late catching this brilliant film - a year to be precise - but considering the historical mark made involving the death of one of the most dangerous terrorists of our time, Osama Bin Laden, whose commands resulted in the loss of masses of people's lives across the world for years, this film seems appropriate. 

Remember Me looks at what it means to live of and for the moment as we just never know when it could all end. This film follows Robert Pattinson's character, Tyler Hawkins, whose suffered loss through his brother's suicide and the broken relationship between his father (Pierce Brosnan) that the death triggered. He finds love in Ally Craig, played by promising Australian actress Emilie De Ravin (Lost) who has also suffered loss through the murder of her mother years ago. We experience the journey these characters take in finding each other and how they become sweetly attached after finally answering each other's cry for comfort, consideration and attention. 

This film takes a unique look at loss and the varied ways in which we deal with it and also suggests that sometimes those who leave us enable a possibility of new relationships and a rebuilding of old relationships that have since become damaged. Robert Pattinson proves his worth as an actor convincingly playing an American young man at a crossroads in his life, unsure of where he is headed while Emilie De Ravin portrays the vulnerable frustrated behaviour of a young woman perfectly. Pierce Brosnan is great as a father silenced by the death of his son occupying himself with his work before his family. 

Fl@unt absolutely recommends this film as it is relevant to the situation of social and political life at the moment, bringing to attention the importance in remembering those we have lost and realizing how such loss can eventually strengthen our souls.

'Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives' - Drake, 'Moment For Life'

The message of this film is that whatever you achieve or experience in life, just make sure you remember the moments that count.