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Monday, May 2, 2011

AMERICAN APPAREL // Mister, the sky's a contortionist


Post on Groezrock and London will follow soon, first I have all'o'this! 

Petticoat - Courtesy of I Love Vintage
Floral top - ASOS
Peeptoe shoes - Deichmann
Belt - ebay

So a while back, I Love Vintage, this webshop of Dutch origin contacted me asking if I was interested in a collaboration. To celebrate their 5-year existence, they were looking for bloggers to promote their burlesque/50s/rock&roll clothing! Obviously I couldn't say no to that - I adore petticoats, sweetheart necklines and cinched waists (so much I will completely forget about my new no-more-cutesy-things rule!), I have since I was a little girl and I probably always will. I can't wait to go out dancing in this, seriously! 
For now I'm just chilling in my room, listening to the Blood Brothers with the window wide open (as a punishment to my noisy neighbours) whilst reminiscing the old days, back when I had a major girl crush on Zui Suicide and wore plastic heart earrings and big gold necklaces with like, boombox pendants (I SHOULD START WEARING THAT AGAIN). 

Anyway - The shop carries some of the prettiest vintage bags you have ever seen - hence why a lot of them already have a "sold" tag on them, dammit! - as well as a lot of pretty dresses, cardigans, shoes and so on! And if you're not so much into vintage, that's okay too - there's a 'novintage' section for you to enjoy. 
So head over to the website, because quite frankly, you WILL love it!

PS: Sorry for the overload of text between brackets - I sure do that a lot don't I??

Enjoy what is left of your Sunday, you guys! 

PPS: My photo is featured on Chictopia's main page for the next few hours! Yay!