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Monday, May 2, 2011

Sea of Shoes // Hand over your heart, let's go home.


Yay, the earrings I got off ebay came in the mail! 

Feather Earrings from ebay seller lillyfeet, I paid somewhere around €5

I was sort of expecting them to be completely covered up by my hair when I'd put them on and indeed, this is actually the best shot out of, like, 35? (Excluding the ones in which I make retarded faces, of course. Ahem.) 

Also I finally had the courage to get my hair cut. Long term readers will probably already know that I'll just nag about my hair for about a month before I actually go and do something about it. (Actually... That doesn't solely apply to my hair. Hah-haaah.)

Anyway, it looks pretty much the same except for the fact the hairdresser kinda sorta cut way too much fringe so my face looks really... Wide from the front. Oh well it'll grow back on in no time anyway, haha.

Other than that, my three day weekend consisted of listening to Cancer Bats (awesuuum), watching The Nanny (oh god I LOVED THAT SHOW as a kid!) and eating a shitload of COOKIES <3

Right now I'll enjoy the last day of my three day weekend by making me an awesome dinner. I see hamburgers and pizza in my near future so I'm gonna make me a nice salad. Yeaaah. How responsible of me!

Muchos luuuv!